Technip-Ballast and Fuel Oil Level Measurement.



The Iroquois pipe laying barge is a 400’x100’x30′ offshore pipelay barge. At the time of the project is was owned by Global and Technip. The vessel has since been acquired by Bisso Marine. The pipe handeling system is capable of working with 60′ joints weighing 38 tons each. It can accomodate up to 256 persons and has a large galley, theater, gym, and even a 3-bed hospital.  The barge also features a helicopter pad, onboard machining, and client office space.

The original system consisted of older King-Gage mercury manometers and LevelBar readouts. With these old scale serial numbers that dated back to the Mid 1970s King-Gage & CDC Innovations were able to put together a complete retrofit system that would modernize the ballast, and fuel level measurement system

User Interface Display

King-Gage is most respected liquid level gauging companies in the United States. Established in 1937 they paved the way for hydro-static pressure based level measurement. For the Technip Iroquois the King-Gage system was a perfect retrofit. The main user interface is a LP3 Multi Tank display. This unit will output the height and volumetric readout for every single ballast tank, and fuel tanks on the vessel.

Liquid Level Sensors

For this project we specified the King-Gage LiquiSeal Differential Pressure Purge Control. We love these sensors because they separate the electronics from the environment. They work on a bubbling down-pipe process. In industrial and marine applications the environment can be incredibly harsh, such as high temperatures, high humidity, corrosive chemicals, etc. By keeping the electronics out of the environment we can protect the integrity of the system. Maintenance is also significantly. The only material in contact with the process is a 316 stainless steel pipe. When that eventually corrodes you can simple replace the pipe instead of the costly sensor.