Liquid Level Displays


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LP3 Tank Level Measurement System



The King-Gage LP3 Tank Level Measurement System is an integrated solution for multi-tank applications. It features a 10.4″ color LCD toushscreen HMI for easy reading and configuration enclosed in a NEMA 4X 316 stainless steel enclosure. It seamlessly addresses multiple tank indication while reducing I/O and PLC processing overhead. The system can be configured for up to 32 tanks on a single system, which makes it a perfect water level indicator for marine ballast, and draft measurements.

  • Measure up to 32 tanks on one system
  • Easy remote display capabilities with built-in remote web server
  • Built-in communications for Ethernet, RS485, RS232c
  • Built in library for easy density changes

Learn more by downloading the LP3 DATA SHEET

LP2 Multiple Tank Level Indicator


The King-Gage LP2 Tank Level Indicator is a simple, accurate multi-tank indicating system. It can read up to 8 tanks and express the readings in direct volumetic or weight engineering units. The system provides a numeric keypad for easy user interface. All tank scaling is done internally and is preprogrammed from that factory. Users can easily update densities throught he user interface for each tank. Dual serial communications ports (RS-485) can be configured for different protocols such as master/satellite, ASCII data exchange or Modbus-RTU emulation.

  • 8-channel multi-tank indicator
  • simple user interface
  • factory supported tank scaling.
  • RS-485 digital communication

Learn more by downloading the LP2 DATA SHEET.

LevelBar Tank Level Indicator


The King-Gage LevelBar tank indicator is a single tank display that blends the use of electronics while still providing a traditional analog manometer feel. It features a 100 LED column with 10″ individualized scales. The scale can be configured to have a single or dual engineering units. The indicator can work as a primary or auxiliary indicator for new or retrofit installations.

This display can be a direct replacement for mercury filled manometers or other air operated indicator systems.

  • Traditional analog display
  • Pneumatic or electronic input
  • Direct replacement for mercury manometers

Learn more by downloading the LevelBar DATA SHEET.

King-Gage Column Indicator


The King-Gage 7750 column indicator is a proven rugged indicator that stands the test of time. It acts as a hydrostatic balance that provides accurate reading while having simple maintenance. Several configurations are available

Learn more by downloading the 7750 Manometer DATA SHEET.