Air Filtration


Visi-Guard Compressed Air Dryer/Filter Combination


The Visi-Guard 12 scfm filter/dryer combination filter is perfect for end use applications that require both filtration and moisture removal. A compressed air filter installed just upstream of the end-use is generally the most efficient means of ensuring clean, dry air. These end-use filters can provide clean air to meet individual process requirements. A coalescing filter should be specified due to its long service life where liquid contaminants may be encountered.The desiccant dryer cartridge can be configured for removing water vapor or oil vapor.

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Air-Guard Coalescing Air Filter


The Air-Guard Coalescing Filters is perfect for end use filtrations or small system level filtration. it offers a 80 SCFM @ 100 psig flow rating. Standard rating is 0.1 micron.

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Bronze Air-Guard Coalescing Air Filter


The King Air-Guard filters are well suited for marine environments. It features a 2 stage coelescing filter that provides clean dry air. Rated at 0.1 micron and a flow 20scfm @100 psi they are perfect for marine indicating systems. An extremely rugged cast bronze body is a logical choice when corrosive environments preclude aluminum housings. Well suited to the unique rigors of seaside locations or any application where high salinity atmosphere might cause premature deterioration of aluminum housings. Used by the US Navy.

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Ultra-C Air Filter and Control Station


The Ultra-C Filter Air Control station can be configured with or without an attached regulator. The regulator combination provides ultra clean regulated air for point of use installations. it has a 0.1 micron rating and will flow 20 scfm @ 100 psig. It features dual cartridges with a color changing indicator signifying when saturated. It is perfect for use with the King-Gage indicating sensors as it can be fitted to the installation panels and will support dozens of sensors.

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