GBSY Drydock Ballast Level Gauging System




The Grand Bahama Shipyard is one of the busiest yards in the southeast with 3 dry-dock and additional berthing areas they have an enormous amount of talent and world class facilities. There is a reason why they are the preferred shipyard for the Caribbean cruise vessels, construction barges, and private vessels. When it was time to upgrade their operation they trusted CDC Innovations to develop a cost effective, but more importantly an incredibly reliable ballast gauging system. The original equipment served the vessel well for many decades, but it was time to improve and move forward.

Ballast Level Gauging System

In an increasingly regulated industry data is imperative to operations. We started our process with comprehensive 3D scanning of the segments of the vessel that were missing the required detailed information. From this service we were able to generate extremely accurate sounding charts to provided the basis for our tank volume calculations. For these type of projects we rely on the powerful FARO brand of 3d laser scanners. The can produce 360° detailed color scans with a ranging error of ±1mm. They have an incredible focus range of .6m-350m. Learn more about our 3d Scanning Service. With the incredibly accurate digital dimensions of the vessel the planed gauging system could be  configured.

Heart of the Ballast level System

User Interface Display

King-Gage is one of the oldest and most established liquid level gauging companies in the United States. Established in 1937 they paved the way for hydro-static pressure based level measurement. For the Grand Bahama drydock the King-Gage system was a perfect fit. The main user interface is a pair of LP3 Multi Tank displays. These displays output the height and volumetric readout for every single ballast tank, and a network of 6 draft measurement points.

CDC Innovations went one step further and learning about the standard operating procedures for the dry-dock and was able to implement a custom display package that made it easier to operate the vessel. Our engineering team developed a sophisticated system to provide operation overview screens, dry-dock deflection calculations, and keel block loading guides.









Liquid Level Sensors

For this project we specified the King-Gage LiquiSeal Differential Pressure Purge Control. We love these sensors because they separate the electronics from the environment. They work on a bubbling down-pipe process. In industrial and marine applications the environment can be incredibly harsh, such as high temperatures, high humidity, corrosive chemicals, etc. By keeping the electronics out of the environment we can protect the integrity of the system. Maintenance is also significantly. The only material in contact with the process is a 316 stainless steel pipe. When that eventually corrodes you can simple replace the pipe instead of the costly sensor.


To increase installation efficiency all of the sensors are mounted to pre-manufactured 316 stainless steel panels. The 3d Scans are instrumental in this process to identify installation locations, and ensure fitment without complicated obstructions.