Andrie-Rebecca Lynn



Built in 1964, by Gulfport Shipbuilding of Port Arthur, Texas as the Katherine Clewis for Gulf Coast Transit Incorporated of Tampa, Florida. A subsidiary of the Tampa Electric Company of Tampa, Florida.

In 1996, the tug was acquired by Andrie, Incorporated of Muskegon, Michigan. Where she was renamed as the Rebecca Lynn.

Powered by two EMD 16 567C diesel engines. With 645 power packs and, Falk reduction gears. Turning two via 12.5(in), 120(in) by 80(in) three bladed, fixed pitch, stainless steel propellers. For a rated 3,600 horsepower.

Her electrical service is provided by two 135 kW Spectrum Detroit Diesel generators. Driven by two John Deere 8.1 L Power Tech 6081 OEM Diesel Engines. The tug’s capacities are 62,000 gallons of fuel oil, 1,556 gallons of lube oil, 934 gallons of waste oil, 7,900 gallons of water, 2,762 of potable water, and 5,200 gallons of wash water.

The tug’s towing gear consists of two W.W. Patterson electric “facing” winches. With an Almon Johnson, single drum towing winch. Outfitted with DC electric level wind, fitted with 2000(ft) of 2(in) towing wire.

Fuel Oil Level Indication

The Rebecca Lynn was originally fitted with a network of King-Gage Level Bar displays. The Level-Bar displays provide an exceptional analog readout for quickly gauging the current status of the levels. When it was time to upgrade Andrie chose King-Gage again to retrofit the display network .The system was retrofitted with a new LP3 Multitank digital readout.

CDC Innovations also provided custom programming and functionality to match the criteria for the vessel. Andrie desired to become a more efficient operation. One step is having detailed information of your operations. CDC Innovations implemented a system of data logging capabilities that allowed the operators to have real time and historic data for their fuel. This allowed for consumption studies, inventory tracking and many other operational improvements.